Here is the funniest stuff you will find on the internet. I'll try to keep on adding more.


(All files are in the Winzip format.
I have also checked every file through McAfee Virus scan, but you should still run your own virus scan before opening any files downloaded off the net. I do not assume any responsibility for any damage or conflict's these files may cause with your computer.
All files listed on my page were aquired through surfing the net.
I hope my page offers some of the better choices of the files offered on the web.
To my knowledge none of the files are copywrited. If anyone brings it to my attention that any of these files are copywrited I will promptly remove them.
If you have any files you think I would enjoy please feel free to E-mail me the file.
This page will be updated regularly so add this page to your bookmarks.
Have fun and enjoy the selection.) 3.30kb 

(This file will cause your open window to shake like there is an earthquake in your monitor. A good file to send to a good or not so good friend.) 1.52kb 

(Pretty self-explanatory, it turns your desktop Up Side Down) 5.34kb 

(This gives an interesting description of what's on your system) 142 kb 

(This file makes you think that you are formatting your hard drive. Another one to send to a good or not so good friend)


Error 7.40kb 

(Sent by a friend. Try it out and see what it does. Also check out his link on my links page!!!!) 128kb 

(Not for the beginer. That's all I'm gonna say!!!!) 308kb 

(Is the suspense getting to you yet??????) 205kb 

(Demented little fellas.....) 308 kb 

This could get a little sticky!!! 308 kb 

Try to get out of a sticky situation.


And the previous stuff: